Happy July!

I had all the good intentions of saving all my pictures both in my BB device as well as in my digital camera to the pc. But like everything in my life, things have to have some drama. The DC had to go off when i was in the middle of C&Ping the pics to my local files. Anyway the DC is charging now, will try to continue my work when I have the time.

Mum and I along with RA went to Little India for a small shopping trip. Mum wanted to get some stuffs for Rabeena's latest arrival and also some stuufs for her. We had lunch at Komala Villa as usual and thats where I found out that Raihaan has found new love in Batura. He ate almost one whole Batura..along with 2 idlies.

Came home, watched the recorded Sherlocks, fell in love with it and have decided to do a series recording of Sherlocks. The new internet TV arrived somewhere this week, I am not utilizing it much at the moment. I mean, TV is tv and I kind of feel that the mobileas,laptops and PCs are much more better dealing with Internet rather the entire TV box. I am not sure why i would want to have internet on my TV box, but since Raihaan is the one who's watching cartoons on the TV the whole time, I kinda have not had my hands all over it. If I ever did, I will post more info about it.

Apart from school and work, there's nothing interesting to report at the moment. Currently trying to tie up the loose ends of my CF assignment, but I m somehow not satisfied with my findings. I still feel that I am missing out something important and that after all my research and effort,I may not be getting good enough grades.  The kids around me are working for a just pass, but I am not going for that. I m working for a HD and somehow I feel that my current work is not a HD material. My time is up and I have 3 more days to compile and work out the hypothesis and the alternate hypothesis and hand it in this coming Sun. Yesterday in my class, I kind of said something really stupid that got my whole team laughing out loud and one of my team guys mentioned that I m the most smartest one in the team and its funny to see me saying stupid things. I was like...duh! Me smart? You have not seen the things I have done in my life to deem me intelligent kid!

Anyway, I have to go on working on the assignment, three days are not enough especially when there is training for work coming up in the pipeline. Yeah I have got training coming up, simple stuffs, but still draining.

Got to go, and by the way its a beginning of a new month in this wonderful year -  and as always this month will be full of good stuffs for me. Happy July everyone!  And I m looking forward for more monetary success as well...

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