Finale of Vettai - finally

Its 30 minutes past 4 am in the morning. I have not slept a wink. I have 48 hours to complete an assignment. And guess what I have been doing for at least 2 hours is watch the last few episodes of Riya and Vettai. I m not a fan of Riya, but the forbidden love angle kind of attracted me. But then , i only watched the last 5 episodes to get a feel of the entire story. Cannot watch the entire show lah.

I was actually raving and was religiously following about Vettai 2.0 for a while but then somewhere around a week before the ending I decided to stop watching it because I really did not want to know the ending between my favorite characters Shiva and Meera.  So I kind of avoided the finale for 2 whole months till I just have to know what happened.

So I sat through the remaining 5 episodes and watched the ending. Just exactly like I thought - they never did get together in the end, though thankfully none of my favorite characters were killed off. But still, I loved the ending, especially when the hunks had to raise their guns at Meera and Mahen .Seriously lovable.But funny lah, especially the ending where the police crews, all in their normal uniform, faces all covered and all -  it was no easily noticeable that those crews were actually students? I spotted couple of ang moh kids and all of them were like loitering around doing nothing for at least the last few minutes of the drama. I love the drama, they manage to bring the high fly stuffs in the movie, like yatch, helicopter, sentosa cove and what else.

I am watching the goofs and all very nice. I have yet to blog more about it, but i m getting tired already. Anyway got to go, need to work out my assignment asap.


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