Transportation, work and Dragon tattoo

The topic of my post for today was to be about what I went through in our public transport from home all the way to school. But then, I decided it was not much of a big story to write about.  Either I am getting more forgetful or getting plain stupid. I m not sure of which.

I remembered hating to get onto the public transport ( that includes MRT and Bus) when I was working. I despised the process of going to work once Raihaan came into the scene and I was so forever grateful that I quit. So I remembered standing for about 40 minutes or so, without a place to sit in the MRT and waiting for buses in the interchange for about 15-20 minutes. So it was going to work and coming back from work that irked me. Office politics falls into another genre.

But I noticed the last two weeks when I was going to school from West Coast ( had to send my kid to mum's), the traffic to Clementi crawled till the bus stop in front of Clementi Mall. So many people!!! Goodness!!! it was just like going to work in the morning. Try not to bump into people, try not to step on that skinny woman's toes, or try to stay away from men who were too close for comfort. And this is all before 6pm!! I reached school an hour early to start working on my CF assignment and when I did reach school, I got tired.

Well anyways, TA explained the flow of traffic on that particular period of time due to the crowd from Tuas who usually end work at about 5pm, hence the rush. Haiz. I cannot be blaming everyone for the traffic, after all, Singapore is an island!!!

Anyway, its like few more minutes to four in the morning. I have been working late at nights for the past few nights now and so far no issues!  Had coffee from our favorite Al Barakat's after school with TA and then chatted with him in bed till about 12 midnight and excused myself from the room to start on about office work and school work.

So I took an hour to work on office related mails,working on the office, school and personal calender in the Ms Outlook, another hour working on this week's school quiz and read up on the text book, took another hour trying to export mails from OE to Ms Outlook ( the name itself confuses me),which did not work, and then another hour trying to configure my Yahoo mail to my Ms Outlook. Took an hour for the latter because the configuration given by Yahoo did not work, so had to surf and dig into forums to find the work around and finally got it working. Took another 30 minutes or so to back up of the files I created recently and then thought of blogging.

Busy me ain't I? Anyway I have been reading " The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larson. I was actually thinking of buying the "Fifty Shades" books since they are not available in the library. The Fifty Shades book has been dubbed as controversial due to its BDSM content. My favorite author, Sophie Hannah, wrote in her blog that those books were more of housewife porn. I somehow did not know there was such a thing called housewife porn.

So I was torn between some girl with a dragon tattoo and housewife porn. Eventually I chose the girl with the  dragon tattoo. I am a housewife and I had my share of porn, so I really don't want another housewife's porn stuffs to read and corrupt my already corrupted mind.

I have to admit, I made a good choice. The book was really good and I could not put the book down. Serious. Its really good and its a no wonder the movie became a hit and the book a best seller.Since its a trilogy, I will be buying the other two books instead of borrowing. I love the freedom of reading when I please ( though I will usually just take 3 days max to finish novels as intriguing as this). I have quite a load of books ( that includes IT stuffs) to cram, hence I need the freedom to read novel when I can. 87 more pages to end my adventure with Salander and Blomkvist, and I am treasuring the last few pages to read on the boring journey in the bus on the way and from school.

Anyway, nothing else to bitch about, need to sleep. Eye makeup still on, so another few minutes of cleaning and wiping, I will sleep.

Spent another few minutes doing spell check and editing of today's post. Got to go. Wonder why the dogs in Teban are barking away so ferociously at this hour.

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