Medical revelation

Life is a series of ups and downs for the past few days in my life. Couple of months ago I had a down under scare and that was treated with cream and all. 2 months after that, I had another scare in which  my confused gynae could not decide if the cysts that I can see in the ultra sound scan were tumors floating or actual fetus. Last week, I was very sure my womb and together with whatever that's inside of me was going to pop out. 2 hours later, at KK Women's 24 hour Clinic,I was told it was not a prolapse but a common cause of UI.

HTF I got UI , I don't know.

And since I was sleepless, I was reading a book I borrowed from the library today, title of which I am not going to mention to maintain my privacy (duh!). Somewhere along the lines of reading about trying to get pregnant and avoiding pregnancy and what happens years after that, I discovered something called Perimenopause. Its like a teaser to the big show. Its like Small Opening before the Grand Opening of a get the drift. Menopause is the stage where women will say bye bye to her monthly visiting red pals. And that is after 12 months of no visitation from them. Peri -menopause is the build up to menopause which actually take about 10 years before menopause and it can happen to women in the early thirties although there are statistics that says women in their 40s get it.

All the darn symptoms point to me!!! OMG!!!! Is God punishing me??? I have no idea!!  I feel as if the end of the world has come, although the only good thing I can see from this scenario is that I won't have to waste money buying pads, but then I have never wasted so much money on them since I have had irregular visits from the very first time!!!! Pregnancy can still happen this stage and that's the only good news I have read from the book and from the sites I have visited so far.

Actually before I go on babbling further, I have to say that I have yet to sleep. Had a small un informed tiff with the man, watched two back to back episodes of SMJ, read a new book I bought (5 Love Languages from Gary Chapman),went through Gary Chapman's website and went though the profiling, skimmed though the women's book I borrowed from the library, researched about Perimenopause for about 5 minutes. I cannot remember ( OMG- another symptom) what time I started, but its 5.30am in the morning already. The one and half mug of Nescafe could be the reason behind this drive,I am not sure.

So back to the topic of me in the process of Perimenopause. What am I supposed to do with this information? Should I go to my gynae again or do more research about this and see if a reversal is possible, or just let things be and let it flow ( such irony!!) Seriously I don't know. I was expecting health issues like my mum to hit me at about 10 years from now, not this year itself. This is my year, the year where I will be strong and achieve things I could not achieve all these while (like getting a degree and losing weight).

Basically its the weight and I know it. But its harder than I thought and I have not been serious about this. I have always started right, but somewhere along the way, I got bored and got off. And I have to get back again. What do I do? Well, instead of worrying, the first thing I am going to do right now is to get myself some rest and go to bed. I promised a trip to the swimming pool to Raihaan today and I have to be in good shape for that.

Anyway, let me sleep it through and see what I can do about this. I am sure my answers will come to me somehow.

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