Something triggered my headache and now I cannot focus on my research.
Anyway had a nice time today. Spent some time with my mum, talked to her, brought Raihaan out to Jcube for lunch and bought myself the sequel if the Millennium Series. Its called " The Girl who Played with Fire". Managed to finish 4 or 5 chapters. I bought a new Parker pen for TA for the upcoming Father's Day as well.

Apart from the usual cleaning and cooking ( Chapathi and matar paneer), TA and i had a nice time talking in the playground while RA played and had fun with his classmates.

And now, I m still having headaches. I have been given two assignments to complete for a module and the hand in dates are just a week apart. So I thought of using a complete week to collate all information, notes and do detailed research and hand in the Assignment 2 first way before the deadline so that I will not panic about the lack of time to start on the Assignment 2 when I would have just completed Assignment 1.
Assignment 2 is more of report writing and researching and I want to do it perfect and I need time to do that.
I downloaded library stuffs from the University's' library which only give me three days of access into the materials. So I downloaded one such book that has over a few hundred pages and I managed to read 8o pages of it. Will be reading more of it tomorrow. Have downloaded journals and articles so that all I will be doing till the coming Mon will be read, read and read. I will start the actual report writing most probably mid week next week and hopefully I can finish the entire report the by next weekend.

That's all I can post about today. I am having headache and my eyes feel dry and it irritates. I think its time for me to go back to glasses and look nerdy and studious for a while. Wearing contact lenses for a longer than required period is hurting the eyes and the head. Anyway, need a shuteye. Its half past one in the morning, good morning to all.

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