Father's Day week

Week 7 of school today. School was OK as per normal , with the lecturer reading off from the slides,while i try my level best to see which email server to use to send and receive my working emails.

You see, my boss has flatly refused to pay for Ms Outlook when I asked him if I could purchase it.( It took me 4 hours to get over my anger with him!)  So I asked the hardware lady to fix it up for me, which as usual she has not. It will be a miracle if she ever replied back to her emails on time.  Anyway I decided to go with Windows Live Mail for Forbes emails. Was able to set it up to receive emails, but not send. Have asked the hardware lady to help, and lets hope she helps me soon enough.

Anyway the weekend was a great one. Sat was spent on bringing my niece and nephew along with our kid to Changi Airport. I think the kids enjoyed it. Sunday, the kids along with my dad came home spent some time playing and then left at about 2pm plus to celebrate Father's Day. TA sort of messed up the lunch plan, but nevertheless I did not want to complain about it. So we went to Jurong Point, had lunch at Swensons and headed back home. I presented the Parker pen I bought for him and he seemed impressed with it.

Anyway Raihaan has been feverish since last night. I think it might have been the fact that my dad bought the kids a cold 100plus drink when they came back from their hot afternoon run at the playground. TA came early and asked me to leave for school. I actually did not want to go, but TA did not want me to miss any single class. So I took off, went to JCube to buy the last Millennium installment " The Girl who kicked the Hornet's nest". Read it from Jurong all the way to school and then from Jurong back home. I ride back home with a mate from school, his name is Sri. So we talk all the way in the train, so it will be rude to actually read a book when he talks. I m seriously hooked to the Millennium Installments, I just cannot get enough of it. Too bad - only 3 books were published. The author died of heart attack before he finished the 4th book.

Right now, I am at home, deciding to spend at least 2 hours to complete my BI reading and do the workshop and quiz and then sleep. I could delay doing the workshops and quiz, but I would like to complete my CF assignments soon enough and I will not have enough time if I keep on delaying. I have to keep reminding myself that I have no intentions of leaving school with a "just pass" like I did when I came out of Poly. I want to score High Distinction for every module I take. And I have no intentions of stopping my learning desire with a degree....I want to learn as much as I can. That's what I want. And I know for a fact, that my husband will be there for me supporting me in this quest I have taken.

Time to go. Ciao.

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