Twist to Mother's day

Like everything in my life, there was a twist to my Mother's Day post yesterday. Hubby and kid came storming into my study room with a small Sheng Siong Bouquet!! Raihaan was screaming Happy Mother's day and hubby came over and hugged me. I was like, huh? What happened? Did i like doze off and appeared into the happy zone of my life?

Well, hubby said it was my day and he did not want to spoil it any further. So we went out for lunch at BaliThai at IMM. Had a very expensive and full lunch and went back home.

I won't say it was happily ever after...the story did not end there. I got upset over something he said, and he got upset when I asked him about it. Oh dear. We are so touchy on what he said and what i said. Great.

Anyway as I type this, i am the Springleaf towet McDonalds with Raihaan having a light snack. After which we will go to TA's office and I will leave for my 2nd Business Intelligence class of the month.

So in summary -  Mother's Day was ok. I'd give it 6/10. At least it was something better than nothing.

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