Mays ending soon

The last week of May is approaching soon and thus decided to write up a small post before the month ends. Life is as per usual moving on well and good and there is nothing much to report at the moment. Its the school holidays now and I have yet to bring Raihaan out anywhere this week because I m busy trying to start at least one assignment. Its week 4 of school and I have yet to start reporting. Very bad of me And today, since Raihaan is at my mum's place, I decided to go through the BI textbook and complete the quiz of the week. It took me three hours plus to understand and go through the 2nd chapter which only had about 50 pages. Seriously. When did I get this lame? I have no idea.

Anyway, before I lose my focus on other stuffs that hardly matter ( such as cooking lunch, eating, cleaning up the house, playing with Sims Free Play,copying my recipes on a new notebook,etc) I want to start on the BI assignment and complete it before the due date and focus on the CF. I really do. I am not aiming for a JP (just pass) here. I am aiming for a HD ( High Definition) for all my subjects and the only way I can do this is to micro focus on the subjects  and on the research.  Paying for school with my own money -  i do not want to lag in that. My losing weight challenge with hubby also has to wait. So instead of stocking up on carbs and starch when I m relaxing my BF bum on the chair, I m eating apricots and grapes to delay my hunger.

Thought of reporting the events of the month as a historical reference in months or years to come.
1) Hougang has a by election in which i heard the PAP lost.  I heard because I really do not know for sure. I am not into the politics of Singapore. There are more intelligent people out there dealing with it. I rather devote my focus on my assignments.

2) Aishwarya Rai facing criticisms for gaining weight. Lots of cruel comments about her. Seriously? I have no idea how stupid people can be. I mean accusing the poor new mother about her weight, that's the last thing anyone wants to hear (or almost the last thing a woman want to hear. There are lots of things women do not want to hear in my opinion). She's not Beyonce or Christina A for Gods Sake. Shes Aishwarya. Whether she puts on weight or grows an additional arm or leg is none of the public concern. She performed, gained star status, married and gave birth. The media is giving her the Princes Diana status and thank god, Aish is so much confident to actually be concerned ( though i m sure she's very irritated by her weight and is constantly asking Abhi if shes still pretty or ugly). She will survive. Period.

3) Lately there has been reports of foreign talents driving recklessly and crashing into taxis at Bugis. Two incidents within weeks. The first was a Ferrari, whom the PRC driver and the cab driver along with the passengers all dies instantly. The next was a Lexus driver -  thought I was told no one died in that accident. Its becoming a hit on cab drivers. Reckless.

4) Kim Kardashian. The entire family is nuts and the entire nation is nuts for  giving them cult status. She was involved in sex tape scandal, got married, divorced, got married and divorced before a year and now dating. Her own mother encouraged her to go naked on a magazine. Need I say more? Nuts. If I am sued by the Ks - sorry rich Bs, I aint got no money to spend on crazy lawsuits. Anyway I did a small and short google search on the Ks and noted there were more than one hater, so I guess I am ok. They are too busy to bug me anyway

That's all in the world at the moment. Will keep updated.

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