Early May

Oh goodness, April is over and now the beginning of May and its kind of the third day of May actually. Morning people.

Updates from my life, well nothing much. I attended the orientation at Sma for all undergraduates of Murdoch, listened to the deans of Murdoch speak about modules, and how to manage our time and stuffs like that for around 2 hours and then a short talk by the admin staff about the admin of course. I felt bad that i could not eat the buffet they arranged because I had to leave. Thankfully, TA and RA were up at SMA waiting for me, so I did not have to rush out and meet them.

TA surprised me with a movie date with RA. We watched Avengers, and it was worth the money. There were more than one hero, so each one need to have a screen time, so the movie was around more than 2 hours plus and it was made tolerable by the jokes  in the movies. It was fun and somehow I liked Hulk more than anyone. He was soo cute. I actually liked the simplicity of Ruffalo before and after he turns Hulk. So cute.
Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk
But obviously Iron Man was good too, but Thor was so good looking. Actually it was difficult to keep track of each and everyone because they were all good looking, even Loki. Anyway thats the movie update for you. Real good, watch it if you have not. Esp if you are a fan of Thor or Iron Man.

Next update, two of my poly mates have retired from the workforce and will be in semi retirement until they find some other job they are comfortable at. My two poly mates want to relax and chill and enjoy being free for a while, and I so understand them. Its just nice to be free without feeling guilty of being late for work or work not done, or being absent from work and all.

This is becoming a trend and I so love it. The first after me was my friend Fauzana,  I will not actually categorize her as a mortal being...shes almost a bionic woman. Shes got three ( yes, three) kids all of them are so young, yet she manages to actually cook, clean and maintain the house, kids and hubby. She also runs a party planning company, she takes in orders for domestic items, she moved house, went overseas and all not just her family but with her extended family as well! I have no idea what else shes doing, but shes doing something!  Now, I am a lazy, standard mortal, so I cannot actually do all the above.

So far me, I cannot maintain the house. The house becomes messy within minutes of even attempting to clean it. Its not the sweeping or mopping that bothers, I can do that with a machine. I have no issues with washing the dishes, or doing the laundry, or cooking for the day either.Its the upkeep. My kid does not let things be, Raihaan messes up the place as and when I clear it up! There is not going to be a maid in this house, so I am left with trying to find a  balance between cleaning the place and letting the mess be. I could just leave the mess build up, but the issue is that TA will be so unhappy about the house. So rather keep the place clean for the man who comes tired after work rather than he come home to house full of mess around the house.

Apart from that, I have nothing much to add.  I am looking forward for my classes to start this coming Monday. Cant wait for the mental torture to begin!

I guess that's all I have to report about me. I am not sure what else about me I can update, but I have yet to work on my website and study the Java programming. I am kind of busy training agents for work, so hopefully I find time to do all that next week or so.


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