Cannot focus

I woke up early in the morning with two objectives. To revise what I learnt in class last night and brush up my excel. Both of which I failed to work on. I cannot focus at all. I just can't. My mind keep leaping here and there and i cannot focus at all. Simple subject -  Decision making system, very logical and easy to understand if I would have just focused, but nope. Even the simple quiz threw me off. Whats wrong with me? I used to concentrate so very well in the mornings?

Anyway its 7am in the morning now, and that's like almost an hour wasted of doing nothing much. My work as the house maid starts now till 1330hrs. Lets see if I can concentrate on Excel in the afternoon shift. I got Cyber class tonight and I m meeting my best friend at City Hall before school today, so I hope everything goes well.
What a morning with failed objective. Haiz.

Anyway, my phone contract is ending in two more months and I am fishing around for a good phone. I have been dying to get iPhone for the past 2 years, but then also noted my classmates having the Samsung Galaxy Note. He borrowed his phone to me to abuse it for a few minutes and I loved it.The screen was big and nice. Still have couple of months to go before I can actually re contract my phone line, so will need to do more research. iPhone is still appealing, but the screen is small.

There I go again, jumping off from one topic to the next. I am supposed to start my work, and here I am still blogging. Got to go, ciao.

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