Vettai Marathon

Its been a while, I know and I am guilty.I don't think anyone missed me yet. At the time of drafting this post, I am watching the episodes of the local hit drama Vettai 2.0. I kind of missed the entire drama, because the timing was never right and also, I was not into the local drama scene and all. But somehow, I kind of browsed channels and ended up watching one episode of Vettai, and then one episode after another until, I kind of got hooked to it. And thank God,  XinMsn has the entire episodes online, so all I have to do is watch them all from the beginning. Since my exams and bridging courses are all over, I really have nothing much to do apart from my usual housework routine. Also, I got used to the late nights that I cannot sleep at normal timing anymore.

So they are the excuses I have for watching the Vettai 2.0 marathon. I am hooked for sure and its really cool. I loved the theme song from the 1st season and glad that they still have it on the 2nd season. And I absolutely love the Rajboy character...hes such a talent and so damn good looking. And I got to give it to Jay Nesh. Boy can he act! Never thought that fellow could act!!!

Rajboy the star of the show

Anyway updates: My bridging classes are over. My Java programming exams were over last Friday itself. And since Data Comm has been scheduled to Aug, there's no class till end of April. Got myself  a distinction for my Information System class. Waiting for the results of the next two classes. I am sure I have failed the Web Design class, but then what to do? May have to retake.

Apart from that, life is good and doing well all thanks to the All Mightly. TA and I are good, still working on it. Also there was a small pregnancy scare two weeks ago, but then, it was nothing. Went to check out at Dr Anna's, and she kind of confirmed there was some kind of sac floating  in my cervix and all, but then there were around 2 and more sacs. It couldn't be pregnancy, but Dr Anna has asked me to be careful and not take the Norethisterone untill my next periods.

Anyway they are all the updates I have. Oh by the way, we were trying to get ourselves a brand new car this month, we even went for the test ride on the new Hyundai Elantra, but somehow, with the rising COE costs, we have decided to wait for another year and see how it goes. Well, we nearly had the car...just missed it twice.

Now, got to go back to my drama marathon. I m kinda hooked with this love story of Shiva and Meera.

Sounds very familiar to me.

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