Pool of Talent and the root of her hair

Somehow or rather I managed to make someone I know unhappy  at work. Actually, i made an ex colleague and boss unhappy over the use of my words in my email to her. The words " Pool of talents"...got to her i think.
Actually, i have sent far worse sarcastic emails over and yet have not faced her wrath, but today, i think was not my day, especially when there was no intended sarcasm!!! And she did not reply to my Skype.There are not many a times when she gets this angry, and i guess work did get to the root of her hair!

When I read her email I felt the nightmare of 2007-2009 all over again and then for a moment, thanked God that I was no longer there.And I am such a weeny....cannot take negative comments! I am trying so hard not to take it personally, but I can't when it comes from a good friend. Anyway, I am trying very hard to get over her comments, still am.

Urgh... she made my day!

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