First step

Our one and only son, Master Raihaan has embarked on his first ever trip to the Bird Park without his parents, and I feel like shit. I felt a small little tear coming out from the corner of my eye and quickly wiped it off before my inner bitch notice it and starts to laugh about it. Felt better when TA felt the same too. Haiz.

Well at the time of drafting this, Raihaan is out with his school mates, and I hope he had a great time.
I had a small sweet time with TA too. We had breakfast together at the market, talked politics for a while and off he went to work. Felt nice to walk all the way back home in the morning. Nice cool weather.

Anyway, nothing much to report -  just that we have started on the first step in letting our son go. More to come and I hope and pray that I will be man enough to let him go and have his life

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