My birthday!

Today is my birthday. And I for the first time, did not expect anything out from it. I vageuly remember how old I am. I am kinda thinking I crossed 33 and this is my 34th year, so I should be 34. So I am almost getting old.  TA bought me purple Chomel gift set and a matching handbag and a dinner in order. That will be planned by him later.

I have received lots of well wishes and messages on FB, Skype, mobile and on email, its pretty overwhelming, imagine what the actual celebrities go through!!!

Apart from my normal schedule, I have nothing extra ordinary going on. Did my prayers and cooking. Doing my usual browsing the net and reading my books till i pick Raihaan. I am starting school tomorrow. Pretty worried about it, and I hope I will not be the oldest one in there.I will start to make some food and keep in the fridge so that TA and RA will not be starved when I am not around.

Other than that -  thank you all for your wishes and prayers. What do I wish?
Well apart from the usual wants I want ( iPhone, Macbook Air, Pandora charms), I will like to have a diabetes and hypertension and obesity related disease free health and have my own baby girl in my arms.

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