Life in school

Life has been pretty good to me this month. I started school the day after my birthday couple of weeks ago and so far it has been interesting. My first lesson was on the Introduction of Information Systems. I had a nice and good looking lecturer Mr Emran who taught us. There were only 6 of us in the class and I was the only female there. Actually, I have completed the first unit and now in the 2nd unit which is called Introduction to Web Design. Small class, but not the only babe.

I like the environment, and I love this phase. Whenever I go to school, I always remember Prema's advise -  enjoy the process of learning. That's what I do most of the time. In between the lecture, I take a look at myself and my surroundings and I feel happy. I am learning. Something I like, something I have been wanting to do for more than a decade. I look forward for assignments, don't ask me why, I just like working on it. The stress, the tension, the research -  I love all of it. But then, this is still the beginning. I am only doing the bridging units, not the actual degree yet. Another 2 more units to go before I embark on my degree course. Already as it is TA is encouraging me to take up my Masters. He's asking me to aim higher and complete my journey, and not just stop at my Bachelors. I am so thankful that my husband is being supportive!!!

Where the learning phase is doing well, the house phase is lacking.
Ever since my in laws left, my will to work and clean the house left with them as well. We have been eating out ever since they left. TA has not said a word yet, but I am feeling one kind.  I just don't feel like cleaning and cooking. Especially cooking. I don't know why. I feel I lack the discipline and to tell the truth i miss my daily time table. I had objectives then. Now -  its more of....well nothing. Lunch is mainly me and Raihaan, so I make rice and some soup at times or its the instant noodles. Not good. I know.

So this week on wards, I m on Positrim. I am trying out the meal replacement drink that TA took to reduce this weight. The best part is, TA is guiding me. I am supposed to replace two meals with that drink. Have proper lunch and whenever eat fruits in between the snack time. Yesterday was my first day and I was so tired. Lets see how far I can go to lose weight.

Anyway nothing else to update, I have to prepare food for Raihaan's breakfast and for my lunch and start on my group assignment.

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