Such a waste of time...

I actually have three hours of free time a day. That is the time between sending and picking up my kid from his Nursery. And in that time, I could actually study my web designing and do something about the website I bought. No..instead what I do?

I spend the time checking out FB, reading news and email in Yahoo, check my sales in eBay and look around for good bargains on Pandora in eBay, read other's blog and then blog myself. Why am I not spending God given time to do something useful such as read and expand my knowledge...only God knows. I feel so bad wasting the time reading about Demi Moore and her illness, when I should have read about CSS and try it on.

Haiz. Another 20 mins to go before I get out my house to pick up the kid.
I should learn about Time Management....three hours and all of it just wasted on browsing.

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