Welcome 2012! This is my year!

A very belated Happy New Year to all! Its kinda sad that I was not able to update my blog as I would have liked to, but I wasn't in town during the holidays. I like the word...not in town. No, I wasn't anywhere fancy this time, just across the causeway. TA arranged a getaway to KL with his parents and my mother, so there was a total of 5 adults and one kid.  I welcome my new year with a big bang of fireworks. As the display of fireworks went on and on, my heart kept soaring and soaring to new heights, confirming my belief that this new year will be all about me and for me. This will be the year I achieve, no matter what.

It was kind of fun actually, until TA had to mess things up in the 2nd day causing great distress and stress to my mum. To summarize a long story short -  both my mum and hubby are no longer on talking terms. That's good too. Everyone needs to be grounded.

Anyway that's all for now. Its 11 days after new year already, and TA is in Norway at the moment to attend some HR yearly meeting. He should be back by this weekend. Ending with pics taken in KL, and also no words of wisdom from my MIL, or words of thoughts from me. Kind of busy with work and family to have time of my own to think and ponder.,..which is good news as well. Ending with some pics taken in KL

Raihaan watching tv in coach

In laws happy -  first trip to KL

Me and sleepy Raihaan

Thameem happy and tired

Thats our living room of our rented apartment

Raihaan at the basement of the Twin towers

In laws at the National Mosque

Inside the Minaret Tower- overseeing Malaysia

Raihaan listening attentively to the instructions

Fireworks at Petronas

At the theme park in Genting

Cotton candy and Raihaan

Lovely view at Genting -  on the way out

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