Ungrateful kids

I just found out that older people bitch about their kids when they meet up with their peers. I have been granted a peek into the lives of some older people and trust me, its not comfortable to see their point of view.
Went to visit our old neighbor and family friend of my mum's at the SGH. She had her right leg amputated because of gangrene and all she could do was pitifully complain about her kids and daughter in laws. And all my mother could say was that all kids are the same and that they are all out to destroy their peace.

And all I could do was cringe and pretend that I was not around. The day will come when I will sit alone, perhaps in a very damaged body like my mum's.But I have no desire to complain about my boy's ingratitude. All i want to do is remember that I had my fun with my miracle baby. I do not want him to carry the burden of looking after his parents. I seriously don't. But at the same time, I do not want to be neglected. Well, anyway lets see how, I am definetly not selling my flat to any kid of mine. That's for sure.

God has His plans and I am not sure where my destiny takes me to. All I know deep inside of my heart is that no matter what happens to me in the future, or where I will end up, He will not give me anything that I cannot handle. Allah has been with me all these while and all I ask now is that I should not be granted any opportunity that will steer me away from my duties as a wife, mother and daughter until the time comes for me to leave this phase of life to the next.

Goodness, 34 already. I still am waiting for the iPhone.

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