My own website..soon

I don't have much news to report on my side except for the fact that I bought a domain name for myself. Yes!!! I got myself a website.Just bought it last night and absolutely no idea what to do with it!

Well actually, I am thinking of creating a website for myself. What it includes, I have no idea. I just need to build one before I start school, and I have been at this for more than a week now. I have downloaded countless programs to help me with the html and css of the websites. So far so good, but no websites up yet.
So if you type out my name with a com, you can see my site being hosted by Bluehost and full of ads at the moment. When I finally build it, I m sure it will be much better. Again - no idea what I m going to do about it.

Well I guess at the moment, I will just design it, add some pics of me and my family and perhaps link it to my heritage project and my blog. My heritage project is my pet project I undertook couple of years ago to keep track of all the relatives on both TA's and my side. Maybe I should link up the upcoming events in my site and put out announcements in it to announce birthdays or wedding days. Blog will be linked of course. Blogger does not have CMS only wordpress, so its kind of sad that I have to depend on Wordpress to do the content managing, Haiz.

Anyway,nothing has been finalized. Its all in the making though. Ah maybe, I will add in all the projects I have undertaken so far and add the pics to it. Knitting and henna for example. All the lousy shots will be there. I also have email account under my isn't that just fantastic? I have yet to activate it. Will do so in time to come. I was doing a good job following all the lessons I learnt from the books I borrowed from the library until it came to the Image section. I downloaded the Adobe Photoshop trial package, but since the screen in my net-book is small, I was not able to see the full details of the site. Wanted to ask TA how to overcome this issue, hes got no time.

Talking about the man in the house, I'm not sure what's gotten into him. He's always in the " I want to sleep" mode as soon as he finishes his dinner. Hes not happy that Raihaan plays with him instead of sleeping. Whats wrong with men I do not know.Anyway no point talking about him. Hes not going to change anyway.

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