I am a Full time Mommy!

Do you like if you are constantly reminded of your work? Would you like to be reminded to do your part of the duty, when you are the only one doing it by the way?
I don't, kudos to you if you do.

You see, I'm not bitching tonight, just sharing my thoughts. I have been a full time mommy since end of 2009. So that makes me like 3 years of a Full time Mommy. And I have been the one whos been taking care of my child. The night watch, smelly diapers, puked t-shirt, swollen breasts and bruised nipple -  all me. And I do not like people telling/'reminding me what to do and when to do what i should be doing. You get my drift?

I know when my kid should eat, what he should eat and when he should sleep. I also know what to cook, whom to cook and clean the house without being told. I somehow happen to know certain things enough to qualify me a full time Mommy and House manager. So by right, I do not need reminders, because, I am over the trial period. I made my mistakes, learn from it, forgot it and then learn it again and again, so that I don't ever forget it. I work around the clock, my schedules are neat and tight and I plan ahead well in time so that no one is affected by my work and hobbies. I cook thrice a day, feed everyone at home on time, no one is starved ever on my watch. So why do i need reminders and sarcastic remarks to remind me of my duty?

Well, I don't know. Somehow older people are harder to change. They happen to think that without their help and guidance we'd be lost. Actually, I'd rather they stay away from me and in my decision making choices. I am old enough to know what is best for me and my family. I just wish my elders were more like my mother, wise.  Wise enough to know who to remind.

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