MIL's words of 'Wisdom'

I am seriously thinking of creating a new blog dedicated just for my in laws. I m not being sarcastic. There are things my MIL says that sometimes i think they have to be chiseled in stone so that they can either be thought and pondered at, or simply be ridiculed at.  My MIL said something really funny, that at first I was angry and then later on , I thought this might make a good comment in FB.

There's the gender partiality my MIL is forever encouraging, which I truly truly hate. She reminds me of my own maternal grandmother. My grandmother had such strong gender beliefs that I have seen my cousin and her arguing over it. I am trying to live with it, because its not as bad as my grandmother's, but still something to laugh at.

MIL's pearls of Wisdom #1:

' Men are not supposed to kill centipedes because they happen to save their lives' Only women are allowed to kill centipede. These centipedes somehow save men's live in one way or another"

My unsaid comment:

OMG!! If women did not kill these centipedes, they would have saved their lives too!!! No wonder they hate women. I would if I were one.

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