I am a married maid

Its almost nearing the end of the month and of course the beginning of the new year is not so far away. Hows life so far? Well not so bad. I have had my ups and downs with the other half, with my son, my in laws as well as with my house.

Lets start with the obvious.

How are the in laws from India? They are good and well. But I am getting used to avoiding them as much as possible. Not that I am avoiding them or anything, but if I want to maintain a good relationship with the in laws I have to avoid them. You see, they have their own beliefs and views that are so very very different from mine, and if I were to ask any questions about their belief, it will seem as if I am challenging them, which obviously I am trying to avoid. Also, my MIL has a habit of repeating whatever that has been said before, which makes irritates me.

I have a very short patience-span and I am trying my level best to do everything I can. The in laws have their breakfast on their table by 0930 hrs, their lunch by 1300hrs, their dinner by 2000hrs. In between, when I have the mood, they will have tea time snack by 1800hrs.

The dishes will be washed in the morning, house will be swept and mopped clean by end of the afternoon, tables and cabinets to be dusted and wiped, kitchen to be cleaned and maintained the whole day.

Then there's the son I have. He has to be cleaned, his teeth brushed and bathed, and fed breakfast and milk, ensure that he's distracted with tv and games that are proper with his age and ensure that he does not fight with his grand parents over the tv.

Then the hubby. I have to ensure that dinner is ready by 2000hrs so that when hubby is home, the first thing he does is to eat. He comes home very hungry every night. No lifting of fingers to volunteer to do anything at home that might ease my work load, which somehow is a reality I am trying to get used to. Apart from that hubby and I are the same. Together but far away.

So in between keeping the house, kitchen and son clean, and whipping up South Indian dishes three times a day, I really cannot take on the additional work of listening to my in laws. My MIL, is harmless, but she does wants to know what is on the cookers, whose pressure cooker is whistling at the moment, what I m cooking and wheter her son as well as mine are fed on time. According to hubby, avoid her. Just nod my head mindlessly to what ever she says and move on. Shes not herself since the stroke. So I avoid.

So how do I squeeze in work and studies? Well that happens by miracle. I have yet to really organize my work and studies and chores at home at the moment.  The month my in laws came in, Esther fixed the printer portion of the system at work, and no one troubled me for a month. Then disaster had to strike and now situation is under control again, thanks to God. So far, my main duties keep me from focusing on my work and studies. I am going to get that under control soon enough.

Hubby has planned a short getaway to Malaysia to get his parents an extended visa. Their visas are ending in the beginning of the month, and their long term has been rejected the first time it was applied. This time round, hubby has applied for 3 months and lets hope its given. So theres the Malaysia get away planned. Will update the plans when I have solid plans.

What I am worried at the moment is my MIL's medical condition. Shes been diagnosed with mild stroke. Shes taking TCM, taking chinese herbal meds twice a day, acupuncture sessions twice a day at SGH. And now they ( Father in law) are giving her vitamins to consume. And thats the double x from Amway. I am not sure if that much of medicine is actually doing her good or harm. I have asked hubby to consult her medical doc in india instead of the physician.  But I don't think my FIL is in favor of that hence hes not asked.

Me on the other hand -  am trying very hard to accept reality, bite it all in and try to digest that marriage is all about being a maid for the rest of my life. I just find it hard to believe that's what marriage is all about. Why didn't i know about this? If I had known what I know today then, I would never have married anyone. Anyone. No one is worth this much of physical work.

Whats the point of talking about things that has already happened? No point.
Apart from all these, there's nothing much to report. By the way has anyone used the Google Calender? I have started it and I kind of liked it a lot.

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