What in the world happened to....

Tomorrow's the last day of Raihaan's play group. He will be officially graduating from Play group and will enter Nursery in the coming new year. I am so proud of him already. Hes in a couple of dance performance that will be held tomorrow. I have also volunteered to help during the function so that there will be no chaos when the GOH arrives. I don't think I can take any pictures though, but will try.

Anyway nothing much to add at the moment. Throat still hurts, souls still yearns and the heart still hopes.Nothing ever changes much in my side for a while at least.

I have yet to take a look into my history, with so much work around at home (mostly in the kitchen) I cannot find the time to research my life. I will start soon enough.

Moth finally got his licence converted to local one, and hes so very happy about it. This five year long process finally came to a happy end. He would have treated us to somewhere posh if his bank balance had not shown otherwise. So we were treated with Indian rojak and briyani from West Coast Drive. Cannot rent a car this month as well but I am on a look out for great deal. MOTH is waiting for the day he can start to drive in Singapore. But with the rising cost of car in here, I don't think we will ever come to the point where we can own a car. But there's no harm hoping right?

I was just about to finish my post when I heard my tenant complain to her hubby. Something to talk about now.

I may have introduced my tenant some posts ago -  though I am not sure. But by god shes the most different Indian married woman I have ever come to contact with.

First of all -  shes a housewife ( or room wife since she has no house in the first place. She got married and then conceived within 3 months and had a baby soon after and without much ample planning came to Singapore with her hubby thinking that she and her child will be given PR.

Very rich and pampered babe who never had to do any housework in her life except eat and sleep. Married, had baby and found the perfect excuse to remain lazy for the rest of her remaining life.

Her hubby is another strange dude. He looks like a stupid nerdy giant. Stayed here most of his schooling life but don't know why act like bodok. His father in law pays for the rent and he does anything the wife tells him to.

Wife rarely cooks, prefers outside food to home made ones. Every now and then that fellow will come home all the way from Eunos where he works with hawker bought food. All the woman ever does is complain about how far her present accommodation is from the local food courts, fast food places and shopping malls, how there's no Indian shops selling flowers here, no proper facilities and no nothing. If the internet does not work, she will be the first to complain because shes always on the line on Skype yakking away with her other sisters who are also living in the same way. They all do nothing, but sit and watch serial on internet, chat and yak away on Skype and on the phone, never cook and laze around in the room the whole day. Their kid prefers eating from me because I cook better than her.

The toilet they use is in a pathetic condition because that woman never cleans it. I have to remind her to clean it. How shameless can this be? If anyone were to tell me to clean my own bathroom, I will be so paiseh my entire life and make sure that the damn toilet is spotlessly clean. Actually I make sure its cleaner now than before just in case she sees my toilet.

Whatever happened to the hardworking Indian girls?? I admire and like Sumathi and Shameema for the fact that they are very Indian and maintain the hardworking attitude. They maintain the place they live in and their family. This one....goodness...nothing to say.

Great...complained enough. Have the need to let out my inner bitch at times.... apologies if it hurts any individual reading this.

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