was mine accurate?

I actually wanted to start the post saying that my hubby left for Melbourne yesterday, but that would be a very boring start. Instead lets just focus on me today.  I have cooked and cleaned ( well not clean enough, but surely  better than ever) and am on my study room desk to post this. Actually the purpose of sitting at the table was to guide an agent with his work so its work purpose today. But that agent is busy with his other jobs, so i decide to get rid of him for a while till he gets back to me.

The day before yesterday was my in law's wedding anniversary and we celebrated it by going to Bombay cafe for lunch at Syed Alwi Road. But since we were left and arrived pretty late, they didn't have lunch at that hour.They could have told that nicely, instead we were shooed off from the front door as if beggers by the North Indian wala. So we hopped to the next store - Chellas. They had food and the food was nice. We all had a nice time there no doubt about it. Shopped a bit at Mustafa and got back home. 

Apart from that, what else is there to discuss about in my life?
I am not sure.

I just remembered that last night in Neeya Naana, the topic was about Numerology. I used to be very good in all these mystic stuffs, but marriage out a stop to all these things. Anyway reading about Numerology in another website at the moment, will share the details in just a moment.

This is one reading from a particular website:

Thirteen Karmic Accumulation

Probably no other combination directs as much attention to the work ethic as this vibration. During other lifetimes you have not worked to your best ability, or you may have worked just for your own selfish ends. This indicator suggests a time to consider others and enter work with others in mind.

You must learn to complete the work you have come to do. You have the capability, but often give up or avoid the responsibility of the job at hand. This is an indicator of learning to enjoy work for the sake of work, and nurturing healthy respect for discipline and accomplishment. Your role may not seem of significance to society, but you are now learning to serve as one becoming attuned to the Divine Plan for Earth. There is a tendency to hold yourself back. It is as if you possess a lack of ambition and kind of humility that prevents you from attaining the limelight. It is not that you lack capability or opportunity, but just that you seek to do your job well and may lack glamour or imagination in the process.

In commercial and business endeavors, you may find it emotionally hard just working to make a living. You may face several setbacks, even failure, before finding the meaning of work and a truly meaningful job. You push yourself harder and longer than coworkers. When serving in a supervisory position, you expect the same from your subordinates.

There is likely to be much sadness and unexpected disappointment through friendships. The pattern of most friendships that develop will be intense and loyal; however, they will be of relatively short duration. They do not end with animosity or hard feelings, but destiny simply spins a different web of fate. You leave saddened, pondering the circumstances which separated your mutuality. You are considered stubborn; oftentimes misunderstandings occur because of your set code of conduct. Despite a fixed attitude, friends can count upon you and respect you for solidity.

The romantic and marital details of your life bring periodic cycles of frustration. You are loyal and ardent in love, but may experience an unfortunate love affair while seeking attention after reversals in your career. You suffer a great deal through your love life because of an innate discipline of emotions, preventing you from giving and accepting love fully. There may be weird estrangements from spouse or family, resulting from incompatibility even though there is still love.

I did try to post another reading from another website, but they were far too long to post.
Anyway I ma having a very bad headache at the moment, which I am going to address by lying down on the couch. Will update when I have anything to update.

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