Nice party

The graduation went well. I did not get to take much pictures. I was held up by ensuring the kids were lined up and the party was organised. I did nothing much, but just look after kids. Raihaan was cute in his dance and all and I hope Wi Win will release the pictures in FB soon, so that I can save the copies for my own. Mum came to witness the graduation.

Somehow - I miss my kid. Raihaan is at West Coast staying overnight. I have completed my housework for the day and now chilling. The rest of the extended family is in the living room, watching rental tamil dvd. I just need rest and no time to watch tv. After this, I will go back to my book. Have started to read 'Fall of the Giants' by Ken Follet and as usual, not able to keep the book down.

Nothing much to add. Will add more if there are any updates.
Finishing with a picture of Raihaan taken at this playgroup last year. He looks so cute and adorable!!!
Last year he was just learning to speak 3 to 4 words in a sentence. Today he speaks in English and Tamil in a jiffy. Hes asking questions, he demands answers and he can get angry. For some one who came from within me and out of me, I am so proud of him.

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