In Pursuit of Happiness

Today is my mother's birthday. Happens to be my Brother in law's son's bday as well. All these years, I woul do something for my mum, but this year, since my mum's not feeling well, my plans had all been dashed.
I was planning to bring mum out for the Puss in Boots movie together with Raihaan. Well anyways, there goes my day.

Day has been the same today for me. I got my Nets card stuck at the SAM machine today and was not able to pay my ANZ bills. Then Raihaan pressed the Bad service button on the teller's desk at the post office just because that was the only button he could reach to! Whoa that woman was not so happy when he did should have seen Raihaan hiding behind my back when he did that.

Anyway, I was not able to pay the damn anz bills, so I asked my cousin to pay it for me after I transferred the cash to her. Thats one hell down.

Next, I have decided to start on my degree journey. Its better done now, then put it off to later. I have already met up with the education adviser, decided what to study, discussed the modules, the finances and brought back home my docs to decide and talk to Thamem about it. Hes not going to pay for my education though. I am going for it all alone. Just me. I need to do this for myself and no one. Yes, I will be drowning in financial mess, but I have to get this done and over with. I will be starting work soon right after I talk to my current boss about this. Then I will see if I can apply for a full time elsewhere. The cycle continues after a 2 year break. Raihaan will be at my mum's, and me at work. If worse comes to worst, I will stay at my mum's and pay her for the room and food and taking care of raihaan.

I just feel that this is something I must do for myself. I have never completed any of the projects I have started, and I have to start completing them one by one. I did complete my knitting project, now my degree program. I have to also work on trading, I wasted huge sum of money on that -  need to fork it back and I will.

Hubby expressed concerns about the course I m taking, he sort of feels that I will not be able to make it, and that I will suffer and fail miserably. Actually hes partially right. The course that I have enquired, is difficult, does not speak my language and its for the really intelligent people. But I find that this is the only path  I should take to get rid of the mess that I am in. I feel that my future will be secured if I go this way, and I am sure of this. I have never failed in my studies and I am pretty confident that I will not slack in it. I will not be star student, but will arise a graduate somehow. 2012 has to be a different, it just has to.

In pursuit of happiness I am.

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