Today's is the extension of the Haj holidays. Yesterday was the Haj holiday for us in Singapore and its today in many other parts in the world.

Life has been going on quite well. My in laws are getting used to the time and environment here. MIL is pretty slow and all, and I am still not used to seeing her like that -  but I am sure she will recover fast.

i am getting very tired preparing food after food for all three main meals in the day. For the first few days, I was busy making tea after tea ( the indian method) couple of times, and that was taking most of my time away. We then got a flask to deal with that issue.

We also went to watch the latest tamil movie -  7Am Arivu -  latest blockbuster by Suriya. Love that movie and the story line. I sort of love the historical section of the movie and about the technicalities of genetical engineering in which a typical layman would understand. They say that in each one of us lies the genetic key or code in which the many strengths of weakness of our ancestor lies. It may have been overlapped, but DNA holds the strings and it never dies.

Actually I think I may have some things to write about this, and maybe I will go in depth and write more about this later...when i have the time.

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