No insights

Its bloody October already???? I have had no idea. Well, 10th month of the year, and that's another 2 more months to go before this year finally ends, and 2012 comes in.

Goodness. Which means, I have only one more year before the world comes to an end next year. I forgot the exact date it ends, but I sure do know its 2012. I am not even sure,if that's the end anyway. I was under the impression that it would be 2000, but then the IT world nearly came to a standstill and end of it all because the computers were not programmed to till year 2000. Imagine, the scenarios! Planes will come crashing down because the details went cocked up because of the change in date.... well no need to talk about this further since the Y2K has passed me about 11 years ago.

Just had a chat with one of my friend who's going to Paris and London for her holidays with her family. Gosh how I miss Paris. Would love to go one more time again, but then, have to think reality. I am well under the debt water and I need well planned financial strategy to come out of it, which I will soon enough. Its not as if my hubby's a SIA pilot who goes to Paris to and fro and I could tag along! I was not able to tag along with him when he went to his various places....missed it all.

Anyway no point talking about the things I missed. Got to focus on things I have been blessed with. I have yet to have one of those deep insight thoughts  be shared here. Will definetly do so when I have any insights worth sharing. Currently my mind is bogged down with financial mess and its implications. Hope to God I find a way out of all these.

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