I have finally finished reading ' World Without End' from Ken Follet. I love the book and it was sort of another 'Gone with the wind' novel. I just never did put the book down and I loved it. The reason why i read this book was because I happen to see a new book by Ken Follet when I was walking by the bookstore in the airport. I found out from the introduction of the author that his bestselling book was Pillars of the Earth that's been still read by many people all over the world. So I went to the library looked for his books, especially the Pillars of the Earth. But didn't see it. Instead I found the the sequel for ' World without end'. I managed to find the Pillars in Clementi Library, and now I'm in the 4th chapter of the book. I need a long day after all the work has been done to read this type of book.

Today being Monday, is my most favorite day where I do not do anything. I hate going out and doing chores on Monday. Its a kind of Sabbath for me. All I did was read, and no regrets there. Since my in laws are going to come next month, I have decided to plan the food she should be eating in advance. Did not have to prepare any food , since I have some leftovers in the fridge.

MIL is sick and she cannot eat food rich in oil and cholesterol. I have recipes that are simple for her, but I will be doing double work if I have to cook two different genre of food for the entire family. So I am at the moment, going through all my recipes and checking them out so that I can add them in my food planner. There will a weekly list of dishes to be prepared and I hope we can all follow it diligently as possible.

And talking about relatives, the youngest member in TA's family finally got her name. Shes called Souda Sameema. Terrible choice of name. Shame it had to come from my BIL, for even he cannot come up with a good name for the first girl in the family. Too bad, I will not be having any girls of my own, for I am sure I will come up with a much better name than that.

Apart from all that updates, there's nothing much to add. I am currently trying to go through my day without carb -  and I cannot. I'm so wanting carbs....I can just fantasize about it. I m starting to do some weight loss stuffs because of the SCM coming up in Dec -  that's another 5 km run. Have no hopes of losing weight, but I need to gain stamina for the run, that's why.

Got to ciao. Will update if there's anything new.

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