I hate teaching

I went against my own policy today. What is it you may ask...its a policy on education enforced on my kid. You see, I am not one of the those mothers who send their children to school so that they can get a head start in the education competition. I sent him to school when he was just 2.5 years old so that I can get 2 hours of rest in my day. Very selfish reason - I admit...but there's no shame. And yes I do intend to send him to a good school where there are good kids with good family back ground because I firmly believe that nature and nurture are part of how kids are brought up.

What did I do today? Well -  I started to coach my kid. Haiz. I know I should not have done that. I have never been a patient person. I am very impatient to the core and I hate teaching to the core. I hate teaching. I can lecture, I can talk so that people can listen to my views, but I cannot teach. I just cannot. I bought some preschooler books for Raihaan in the hope that I can get him to do some work in it. I just did not want him to lay on the iPad for a long time. And the moment, I started teaching him, I regretted it very badly.

Is it because my kid is stupid, or hes not into studies yet. Or am I very strict? Is my son retarded? Will he be like his dad who hated books and scrapped through the education system? (We have to temporarily forget that his dad is an MBA graduate who did very well in his studies). The moment I get him to follow the lines to form a letter, I feel as if I m teaching a retard kid!! Why can't he just follow the goddamn line??? Why is it so difficult? Why can't he shade within the line? Why must he color out the entire picture?  One lesson -  and I have so many questions. Maybe I should get him a tutor. Maybe I should just learn to bottle up my frustrations and be patient with him, after all that's what I am for. To be his in-house teacher. I m not from PRC lah to strictly discipline him in his studies!!! But nevertheless-  we have the obligation of saving face. I need Raihaan to do what his father did -  scrap through the levels. Why isn't he smart? My mum used to say that teaching me was a breeze and I loved to do assessment books. Is something wrong with me or with him?

I think I should begin to coach him slowly. I just gave up after going though one lesson with him. I think I need to prepare myself mentally before I teach him.

Anyway enough about me and my coaching the kid. I guess this must be every parent's issue. Anyway check out the pics we took at Fauzana's children's birthday party.

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