I m fasting today. I had to. I had to payback all the fasts i missed when i was in Chennai, and I also have to lose some weight just before my in laws come from Chennai. Being the first day after such a long time, I m trying to get used to the lethargic feeling. Managed to cool idlis for breakfast and thats what Raihaan had for lunch soon after school. I do not have the strength to cook.

My printers and servers are giving me problems at work since this morning and I m very tired from dealing with that pressure. What can i do when this is not my issue to settle? Very lost. My internet gives me problem, my work gives me problem.

Deepavali is just a day away. Not much excitement for as usual like every other day. Did not attend the deepavali bazaar, would love to, but I don't like crowds and they don't like me anyways.

Apart from that, I have nothing much to add. I have just finished the 'Pillars of the Earth'. A very lovely book and a must read to all those who have the time to read. Very nice. I loved it. I will return them to the library by tomorrow. I don't think i have the time to read when my inlaws arrive.

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