the dream

I had a dream. Its one of those sexy lusty dream. I am not sure where I m in the dream actually, because I was sure I was in London and then back to Singapore in a couple of scenes in my dream, so I cannot be so sure. I will try to summarize the dream. I saw my colleagues in a classroom and I was entering into one. I think it was supposed to be a class, course or something like that. I had my bag with me. Suddenly, one guy ( no idea who)felt me up and tried to hug me from the back. I think i was enjoying the experience ( as I usually would) when i suddenly came to my senses and pushed him away. But we eye each other and try to be alone without the people who are in my dreams.

I think I saw London in a few scenes, but I am not sure. Anyway, Mum is here with us today. She came over last night and she'd be staying put for 3D2N. So far so good. Its office day today, nothing much to report. Will update when there's anything.

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