Almost end of Oct

Its my free day today. I sent Raihaan to West Coast, and I initially planned to go to the library and chill, but then changed my mind. You see, I have been facing this printer issues from work and I am feeling helpless. Its like facing an issue over a brain surgery and I am asked to operate! That's how I feel. Not related to my job scope, but nevertheless I m trying to see if there's anything I can do. Spent 2.5 hours surfing the Net, checking out printer and server related issues. I do understand a bit here and there, but still refuse to touch my server. Have to wait till Esther comes online.

I am not having deep thoughts at the moment actually. Just didn't have the time to sit and think/. I was busy reading Ken Follet's masterpieces, and am still reeling from the experience. Just found out that Pillars of he Earth is being made as a mini series. Not sure if they'd ever air it here in Singapore. Always knew that book was just like 'Gone with the Wind'.

Also, its been raining for the past couple of weeks here. I brought Raihaan to West Coast when it was raining like hell today and it was fun!! It was just like in the movies. Raihaan was so fascinated with the rain, the deep and wide puddles, the strong wind and the mist it carries. Hes so absorbed in it. I like the way he runs about in the rain carrying his "Thomas the train" brolly with him. His fascination is so contagious! I was laughing and playing with him in the rain all the way home. I obviously did not get my son dripping wet -  we just played with the water here and there. It was wonderful, really.

Pity Raihaan's dad. He misses these moments. I would have missed them too if I was at work and thank God and TA that I am not at work currently. Very very grateful at so many levels.

Currently I am expecting my in laws to arrive. I would have added that piece of information somewhere in the blog already -  but its still worth mentioning. They are coming in less than a week and this is their 3rd visit in less than 4 years. Well lucky them -  good filial son they have. Anyways, I will be drawing up a meal plan that will suit my MIL and the rest of the family. I will also draw up an outline of the things we want to be doing as a family. I am very sure that my In laws would be wanting to watch nothing but SUN tv and its terrible lousy serials,but both of us are adamant that we are not going to have that channel bought. It just ruins the family!! I have to think of some things to do. Maybe watch a tamil movie every night or something. I will think of something soon.

Anyway posting pictures of Raihaan's first ever graduation picture. The actual graduation will be on the 11th of next month. Adding also pictures taken today in the rain. Ciao.

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