Very grateful

Ah new blogger interface...something new. Good. Need some minor changes in life. Well anyway, life is getting back to normal around in here. The hall is finally painted and completely furnished. We have a new tv consol that comes together with twin display set with blue led lights, a divider with so many shelves and a brand new sofa that comes along with an individual leg rest.

I will post more of the pics pretty soon. I have been busy the whole of last week with the printer instability issue in office. Apart from that -  so far so good. Will not complain.

I m so glad that my life is returning back to its former state -  at least something new is happening. I learned that so many things can happen in anyone's life, but changing it and making reforms on it takes willful decision and maybe a hand from the heavens I guess. If my MIL had not had a stroke, I think relationship between me and MOTH would have deteriorated further. I'm not saying the stroke was good, I'm just saying that the change I wanted so badly had to come in the form of my MIL. If I had not insisted on rushing to Chennai that night, or stayed back to look after my MIL without MOTH, I don't think I would have gained the trust and respect of MOTH. I am not sure what MOTH thinks now about the days I spent in Chennai without him. I never asked and probably will never. Both of us are pretending nothing took place and are picking up from where we left off. That's good too, and I so badly do not want to go back and relive those terrible 4 months. It kind of changes the game totally.

Without him in Chennai -  even with all his family members around, showering me with attention and love, I clearly felt his absence. Even if we did speak over the phone every night, I just missed him. And I was sure he felt the same way too. I saw it in his eyes when we caught up at Chennai Airport -  where I was there along with my Father in law and BIL to pick him up 2am in the morning. He was surprised and at the same time happy to see me waiting for him. It kind of clicked and I forgot how that feels. 

Anyway both of us have still a long way to recover and hopefully we'd see through these hard times. Things are so much better now and I am so so very grateful for this change. I really am. It feels great to be appreciated and loved again.

I am contemplating on moving back to working full time. But the reasons why I stayed home are still there and hence I am not so sure if that'd be a right choice to make. I am sure Allah will give me what I need at the right time, but I have some financial mess that I need to clean up. Part time work is not the helpline at the is at some level and relief, some sort of breather, but definetly not the break i need.

Just got the pics checkout the 'before and after' shots. And by the way -  I painted the living room myself. MOTH helped with painting the tiny details I missed and with the after mess cleanup.

Ok -  so the pictures are not in order -  but you get the drift. I will be adding the decals to the walls later, since they are on the way to me from UK. Will post the pics when I have the time.

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