Tight week

This weekends been pretty tight. We've wound up Friday with a trip to F1 race. TA managed to get tickets for the practice and we watched it sitting down. It seems that we got tickets for one of the most expensive zones. It was way too loud and nearly exploded my ear drums.Raihaan was pretty hyped up at first, but the noise scarred him so much he did under my blouse. It took TA a little while to get us the ear plugs which they sold separately and food and drink also sold separately. Way too many ang mohs there too! I think the ang mohs are theonly ones who are gaga over races like these. I enjoyed of course, but definetly not looking forward to checking out another one. I have had enough experience at one race. Too loud for me. Will add the pics here soon enough, since they were all taken by my lousy BB, the pics did not come out well which was expected.

There was no plans for racing at all. I had to go back to West coast pick Raihaan up, wait for the bus to the MRT which was crowded like no body's business on a Friday night and then meet up with TA. Anyway it was a nice evening.

Sat and sun -  TA's BIL arrived with a new business partner and they spent the whole time going around Singapore looking for a proper food court to start their food business.

I in the mean time have to lament that I m putting on weight again. Esp around my tummy region. I have yet to start on my proper food maintenance. Ever since TA's been eating at home, I have been cooking again. So naturally eating follows.

Anyway, that's all for now. Will update if there are anything to update.

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