House Revamped

I had to hit the reset button in my life again this week.
Couple of new updates -  my Uncle Majid K passed away ( i m sure he was not in peace when he died). There were some drama surrounding his death and I don't want to waste my time writing in detail what happened on his funeral and all.

We are finally getting the house back in shape. We bought the furniture, tv consol and a wall unit. We even had the house painted. I actually painted the entire hall- TA helped with the intricate works such as filling up the small corners I missed. Nothing much. Well the house is now in shades of purple. I always wanted lavender colors and thankfully TA was OK with the color too. I have some design work in mind, but that will all work once the furniture are in place.

At the moment, I m busy trying to clear the mess we created in getting the hall painted. TA swore that he will never ever ever paint anything in his life. He hated getting his hands messy. I simply loved it. It was nice, and i liked the messiness of the entire painting process. However, my body aches as if i did some strenuous exercise. Haiz. Pity TA, he had no sleep for the past few days.

Again, as usual nothing much to work on. Trying to get my life back in shape, and I m working as much as I can on it. Hopefully God is with me in this.


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