Out of town

My life is certainly an adventure. I am- as I type this post in Chennai, India. Actually I have tried several times to write this post -  but too many distractions get in my way and i never get to complete anything i do.

I arrived Chennai on the 26th of July night flight together with MOTH and Raihaan. My father in law called MOTH on Tuesday early morning to let him know that his mum was admitted in ICU in the local hospital due to high blood pressure. Actually, there was no intention to fly down on the same day -  but because I did not want to be seen as the inconsiderate daughter in law -  i thought of calling my brother in law and check out with him my MIL's health status. I did, but couldn't get through. I only managed to get through my sister in law who through her muffled cries informed me about MIL. I felt so bad for her.

Currently the only person who can look after my MIL is my SIL. My BIL's wife just gave birth to a baby girl and shes not in the right health to nurse my MIL. Further more, SIL also has a baby kid to look after and there is no one she can talk to. So i decided its better that I make a trip down to Chennai.

Well -  it was certainly hassle the first week we were here. We went to the hospital daily,sometimes twice a day, travel around to certain places as and when we can. TA flew back to  Singapore on the 2nd of August and both me and Raihaan have been here ever since. Both of us didn't get to go anywhere because I fall sick the day TA left and just recovered. As soon as i recovered, Raihaan had fever and he just recovered 2 days later. I seriously hope we can start to go shopping by next week.

Its been so many years I have been around with TA's family that i forgot how they can be. They all could never make up their mind about anything!!! TA would plan something, drag me into it and the next thing you know there will be alot more other suggestions and plans all included on the same day. Being in a car with my SIL and her hubby can be the most immense tenseful event in your life. I swear.Yak yak yak yak alamak seriously cannot tahan.  I have no idea how TA handles all these, but he does. We rented a car for the last 3 days of TA's stay to bring us around, and both my BIL and TA drove the car for those days. For someone who has never driven a car before, TA drove around in the messy, unorganised, rogue streets of Chennai like a pro!!

Everyone here want me to stay till the Ramdan is over. But because Raihaan and I have Visa on Arrival  - visa is valid only for 30 days. So i cannot stay back here for the Ramdan, should be out of India by the 25th. I have planned to leave on the 22nd of August -  lets see how.

Anyway i have nothing much to update at the moment. Will do when I have the time.

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