Eid Mubarak

Busy busy busy. Been busy ever since the day I came back from my long unexpected trip from Chennai. I arrived last Tuesday morning and have been fasting from Thursday onwards. All in all I only had 5 days of fasting covered, something that I have never done before. Anyways, my wedding anniversary came and went -  nothing happened. We pretended such a day did not exist. Eid is today. Same routine...woke up, dressed up, went to my mum's , helped her, ate alot and returned back home. Raihaan wanted to stay back at West Coast to be with Mohammad, someone hes not seen for a very very long time.

Anyway MOTH and I spent the remaining Eid night watching the new Tamil movie in Vasantham Express and now I m doing my work -  something that I have not been doing properly for the past one month. Actually I just remembered that I have to go to Softship office tomorrow and pass Paul his back up -  so i got to do it.

I am somewhat settled back at home. The Eid is over, the trip is over and now the actual focus should beback to my work and that is something i need to get my focus back on. I will be going to office early in the morning, and work on my outstanding cases and try to whip SSH back to shape. Love to torture them at times. Need to send more emails and all. I still wonder if my boss will allow me to work if I continue at this rate.

Got to go...very tired already.Need a break and reset all over again.

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