My life is a confirmed mess. Nothing is organized. My study room, my handbag and my life…nothing is organized. WTF is wrong with me you ask…well to tell you the truth, I have no idea as well. I am not sure on this as well. I lost my EZ link card again and this is twice in the last 6 months. I keep forgetting stuffs  and I am baffled by this as well.

Family life is still the same. I am dead inside. Living like a zombie, existing just to serve my son.
MOTH is leaving for Chennai, for some personal stuffs. I feel miserable every single day he acts like a stranger and I have no idea how to take control of my life that is slipping away from me. Mum nearly guessed what was going on at home, and she has probed. But I have kept tight lipped about the whole issue.

How long more to go before I can move on?

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