Guess what....

Teban at 0640hrs today morning

Suntec city 0700hrs in the morning

The crowd just outside Esplanade MRT

Crowd walking about and waiting

The starting point

Trying to get a closer look at the banner

Walking somewhere near the Singapore Flyer

Nice view of Marina Bay Sands 

I like the sky. Very nice

We approaching the floating platform

The Scientific Museuem

Padang  -  the finishing line

Sponsor tents and activitites which i did not care to take part.

People going back. I was busy drinking my free 100plus and banana

Guess what...I made it. I did the run. I completed the 5K women's run. I had no supporters, no family, just me. Solo. I traveled light as mentioned in my previous post, ran and walked most of the time. Singapore is beautiful. I have to admit.

This is as much as I can post now. My right knee is hurt and I am in pain. I am sure as hell gonna do more of this walk. Next time, I am going to run at least 2.5 km and then walk the remaining. Anyway that's it. Hope you enjoyed the pics.

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