Mini update

Been a while. Spent a lot, going to be officially broke in couple of days.
Apart from that, life is pretty much the same. I am not going to splat out all the negativity here. Will be grateful.
List of gratefulness this week:

1) Small residual income via eBay
2) Good health and mind
3) Family and friend and well wishers
4) Home and marriage
5) Still married to Husband
6) Hyperactive kid
7) Part time employment

That's in nutshell. Cannot ask for more, though I can ask. But whats the point of asking, when the Universe already knows what i need?

Been only doing 20 mins of Yoga, had not resumed my running. Hopefully will start it soon enough. Will be getting my gear this weekend, and another 2 weeks from now, official 5 km run. Fucking shit.

Got to go. Ciao.

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