1st post for the month of June. Almost everything remains the same in my life. I am not going to elaborate. I just feel more and more in pain as the days pass me by. But I am not going to let that run my life. Something Andy Harrington said in his speech sort of stirs my soul.

He was asking if I believe I could raise half a million dollars by the end of 30 days. Of course like all the others, I said nope, no matter how positive my outlook in life maybe, I could never raise that amount of money in 30 days....ha ha!

So Andy continued....

"Ok...maybe you are not getting me right. Let me change the perspective. What if your child is kidnapped and unless half a million is raised withing 30 days, the child will be starved and will be tortured and maybe chopped into pieces...can you raise that amount of money?"

Suddenly I knew how to raise that money in minutes. I just knew.

So change in perspective. I am trying, I just don't want to give up even before I start.

MOTH is being tough on me even without trying hard...or maybe I am reacting to the environment around me. Gosh.....I want all this to end. This will end.


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