I am not worth it

Check out the pics.

Well it does not take a degree to understand whats going on here from the pics. Some story will give some light.

Father and son went off to MINDEF to check out the Open House. All the pics are in Picassa by the way if any reader wanna check it out. FB takes way too much time to upload. So when they were there, this happened. There were so many many people there by the way, and lots of cheering too. MOTH took picture of this. I was surprised that MOTH would actually take a pic of this just to show me.

My first reaction -  wow....thats so sweet. That guy really knows how to make a woman happy and surprised.

You know what MOTH said?  "Wait till hes 6 years down the marriage lane. He will regret."


When a guy does something really out of the ordinary to make a woman happy, knowing what she likes and knowing that by doing so, that girl will never ever forget such an event -  he does that because the girl's worth it.

Seriously. Thats my conclusion. I am not saying the guys must spend a huge ridiculous amount of money to make the girl happy. All i m saying is, that no matter what the size of the budget - you make someone happy -  because they are worth the trouble, the money and the stress. I am sure I am right.  You don't obviously make your neighbours happy or your boss happy with gifts unless you wanna suck up to him.

But when someone does something really nice -  its because they are worth it.
So whats my worth?

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