Charm me...

Bought my first charm. They are a bunch of friendship butterflies which I had my eyes on in eBay, but I was outbid twice when I bid for it. Its costs SGD109 and thats because they are the pendant charms. I think the next one will be a normal charm. They are much cheaper -  about SGD59. I think I shall buy one every month just to make me happy.

Thats my bracelet with  1 charm and 2 spacers

This is the new addition -  friendship charm. Can be seperataed into two and given to the friend.
So far -  I have spent SGD359 on the bracelet. Hmmmm. Exorbitant. Bloody hell almost SGD400 for a original pure sterling silver bracelet!!! Damn I could have gotten myself a diamond ring!!!! Gasp!!! I m breathless......Maybe I buy myself a cheaper charm every two years.....that will fit my budget for now.

Woke up early today to do my yoga (dancing sun routine). Feels good, but I still am feeling my tummy when I touch my feet.....haven't run for a while, just yoga. Will do something about it tomorrow. Maybe go swimming when TA brings RA out on the weekends. Been desperately yearning for air.....i just want to feel light and be at peace. Its been a while since I felt light...I just need to escape somewhere and be myself and be free. Not hiding, and squirming. I need the air. I seriously need it. Feel so suffocated and tight, I am so scared that I will burst out....

By the way another guy bought my book but decided to go Paypal and now my payment is on hold for 21 days since I am new seller. Haiz....Well not much -  just $6 and he had to go Paypal...and that fellow lives somewhere near somemore!!!

Anyway my feedback score has reached to 3 now and in a couple of days, it should hit 8. I need another 2 more to hit a proper 10. Not bad -  so far 3 sales....hope to sell more. Anyway my id is lotsabookz27 in eBay -  anyone can type this out in the search space in eBay and find what I am selling. All of em are books by the way.

Got to go. Tired. Been sad all day -  its tired to be sad. Muscles hurts lah.

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