The big cut

Raihaan has officially been Muslimised  ( if there's such a word). He had been circumcised.
Like everything in our life together, this was arranged last minute. We decided to have him circumcised on Wednesday and did this on Friday, today.

It was a painful event, which i regret not having this done when Raihaan was just a baby. Anyway , hes been cut,  I hate to see the ring on his private part, and when he cries, I cry along with him because I cannot, cannot handle his pain.

Hes peed only twice today and it hurts him so much. The first time, TA carried him to the toilet and he urinated crying and wailing in pain. I couldn't handle it. I just lost it. I couldn't take it and cried along with him. TA didn't expect me to cry i think. He kept asking Raihaan not to cry because Mummy was crying too. And that's when our son stopped crying. My parents came along as well. My mum told me to be brave, and funnily I could not.

Raihaan was brave and strong. He still has yet to take painkillers for his excruciating pain. He did not want any medicine, even when we explained that the meds will make the pain go away. I guess hes a little like me and his dad. We don't take medicine when we are in pain too.

Anyway at the moment, our brave warrior is playing with his iPad. That's something that distracts him for the moment.

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