Beautiful morning

The bloody safety clip on my AIBI treadmill got damaged, and i cannot train for my upcoming event!!! I have placed the order from the AIBI service centre and hopefully MOTH will collect it after work today. I went for my first run outdoor today wee hours in the morning. I was out of the house by 6.15am. I jogged at the jogging track at the playground across the road.

I absolutely loved the air! It was dark, quiet, serene, cold and beautiful. Not many people were there, and the only people who were there were old folks making their routine walks I think. I enjoyed my walk and jog till the day light broke. After a break of 2 weeks, I managed to run 2.5 km  - but still completed 15 mins late. Supposed to complete the 2.5 km in  20mins. If i can jog 2.5 km this week, i can try to run 5 km the following week. Only 2 weeks left!!!! I don't want to be the last one running. I am not sure if MOTH will come down to support me. Hes pretending not to know anything. Haiz.

Anyway, I somehow managed to find a free site where i can download the songs i love. So i created my Running songs playlist. These are the songs that i love and listen to this for running:

1) Boom Boom pow - Black Eyed Peas
2) Lets get it started - Black Eyed Peas
3) Harder to Breathe -  Maroon 5
4) On the Floor  -  J.Lo
5) What goes around -  Justin Timberlake
6) Cry me a river - Justin timberlake
7) Sexy back -  Justin Timberlake
8) Wake me up inside -  Evanascence
9) Hips don't lie -  Shakira
10) Gangsta's paradise -Coolio
11) Oh my gosh -  Usher
12) Crazy in love -  Beyonce
13) Baby boy -  Beyonce
14) She bangs -  Ricky martin
15) Everybody -  Backstreet boy
16) I m a slave for you -  Britney Spears
17) Wasn't man enough -  Tonu Braxton
18) PIMP - 50 cent
19) Switch -  Will Smith
20) Shake your tailfeather -  Nelli
21) Thong song -  Cisqo

They are all old songs, I know, but they keep my mind moving and focused on the road and on the song and it amazes me how fast a 30 min jog can last. Amazing.
I will try to wake up early tomorrow morning and see if I can take any pictures of the morning sky.

And yeah -  I did collect my race pack last Sat....hell the XXL t-shirt is not a  proper XXL!!! How will I wear this to the race? Its gonna be terrible!! Its a t-shirt -  no sleeves at all. Oh man! The boobies will jiggle awrite!!!

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