After the big cut

Oh gosh has it been a week already? I cannot believe this!

Raihaan is doing so well now. We went back to the clinic last Sunday to take out his plaster, and hes doing ok now. Its kinda strange to see his weenie like that now and I seriously have no idea that, this is ho it will end out. Very scary. But somehow our son has moved on. Hes been very very brave, whilst going to the toilet. We slept on the living room floor for three days till Raihaan felt ok to sleep on his bed in the master bedroom. Now he feels no pain when peeing -  which is a GREAT relief to me.

Its been a week now and somehow time flies by so very fast over here. I have not left the house for the past one week except for yesterday when i went to Bukit Batok for my counselling. Was there for an hour or so and then rushed back home. Raihaan somehow does not feel brave enough to walk out of the house yet. He still feels afraid and keeps telling us that he feels pain still in his weenie. He wore pants today after such a long time walking around in his cotton sarong my mum bought for him. Find the pics of him here. Obviously no pics of his weenie, that will somehow be considered child porn.

Life is ok at the moment. I have not exercised or trained for the past one week. No good excuse at the moment, just plain lazy. I had mom around here for the past few days and mum had me spoilt with her cooking. I am not sure if I should continue to participate in the run this coming Sat, but I think I better go. I do not want to back out on anything I started. I am sure I will be the last person walking ( not running!) to the finishing line -  aware of that. But I think I need the experience.

Nothing much to add at the moment. Will update if there's anything new.

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