I have not had my breakfast yet, just the lemon concoction. Living.
Due to the new development in April and  I was wallowing away in depression, I completely forgot that I signed up for the 5km Ladies only running event. There's a 10km run too, but I did not want to expire from the world that fast, so I registered for something that I'm sure I can do. This was in the first week of April and my training was supposed to start mid April -  but I was too embedded in my couch -  I forgot!!! Its already mid May and by now I am supposed to be running in full speed! Well that's my calculations.

Damn, wasted one full month. Well, its all for good anyways. Need to recover from the inside out, no amount of physical activity could make me feel better if I do not make efforts to heal my soul. So yes I started on my training. Though my doctor has advised me to start on exercising, I do not want to kill my knee joints or anything by running almost immediately. The plan is to work out on the treadmill, 30 mins everyday, yoga alternate days and swimming once a week.  Just started to walk -  and so far, only managed to cover 2.27km in 30 mins. Which is quite pathetic, but i m sure it will improve. The event is in July, I have straight 2 months and I'm sure I can walk and run at the same time. No intentions of winning, just participating. I used to run 5 kms very day 4 years ago when i was trying for Raihaan, so no big deal.

I have completed reading 'The 7 habits' book. It was really good and informative and simple. Like I mentioned in my previous post, no one will suddenly change just after reading this. It takes effort and discipline to work on the habits. I really love this book and this will always be on my table. Not selling this.
But the book mentioned about coming up with mission statement. It can be for personal, family or even organization. I thought mission statement were for companies and organizations. I never really thought that individuals needed it too. Mission statement is like a guide, to help you remember what the goals are.

Well in each of us there are some values instilled in us. It may be from the scripts that's been handed to us by our parents, family, friends, TV etc. We each see the world differently. What I see and interpret, may not be the same when you see and interpret. Its different. We all have some basic principles in life, like being honest, patient, fairness and stuffs like that. But sometimes when what we do does not align with our principles, things go wrong.  Like for example, I believe that stealing is wrong. That's dishonesty. But what if I take away a small toy from some kid and give it to my child ( saying that the kid would not have noticed cos he/she was sleeping). When I do that, I just went against my basic principle. What happens from there is that not only will I feel bad, my kid somehow learns that taking something away from someone is perfectly OK.  I mean this is just the basic example. There are many.

So mission statement is like a lens that we see the world. This lens just focuses on how we as unique individuals relate to the world. We give expression to what we want to be and to do in our live. But then its not something we can write it overnight. It takes time. But the mission statement becomes my constitution, the solid expression of my vision and values.

So yesterday I had a full 3 hours to myself when Raihaan was in lala land, and I drafted my personal mission. Actually I copied some of it from the book, because they matched my visions too, but once I get the time to think again, I will redraft it until it suits my goals.

Nathira Binte Salim's Personal Mission statement ( Draft 1)

1) I will exercise wisdom in what we choose to eat, read, see and do at home
2) My home will be a place my family, friends, relatives and guest will find joy, peace and happiness
3) I will work and seek ways to be of use and be obedient to my husband to gain his trust again
4) I will teach my son to learn to laugh, to play and to work his unique talent
5) I will be a self starting individual who exercises initiative in accomplishing my life's goals. I will act on situations and opportunities rather than to be acted upon.
6) I will seek to keep myself free from consumer debt. My money will be servant and not my master
7) I will keep myself free from addictive habit

Well, this is just a draft. I will make some changes to it to suit my character , most probably later in the day.
But I feel better. Its like having something to work and continually live by. I will definitely recommend this book to people who want to improve themselves and people who live by no rules.

Anyway, I don't have much to add at the moment. I am thinking perhaps instead of writing my blog in a daily narrative of sorts, I should take the suggestion in the book to write down details that will promote mental clarity. I should be writing about my thoughts, experiences, insights, and learning since it promotes mental clarity exactness and context. It also suggests writing letter -  to communicate on the deeper level of thoughts feelings and ideas rather than on the shallow superficial level of events.

I love writing letter, but who will I write to? I have no more pen pals.
Anyway time to pick up the kid. Will update when I have the time.


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