Such philosophy!

Gum pain since last night. Hope to see the dentist before the teeth in my jaw does the same thing like my hair does -  falling off from the root.

I have failed to mentioned in my blog that our picture appeared in the Marriage Central magazine ( we won actually). The ironic part was that we won for the best hug competition and the we had the big fight on the 3rd day we checked this picture out.

Anyway the Marriage Central issue can be found in every library.
Next, as usual responding to my inner urge of doing something, I drew henna. Very very simple design, not mine, this is the 2nd time i did this. It came out easily the 2nd time, so time to move on to a more complex design -  when I have the time. No fun messing up my hand alone.

I think this year is the season where all the past comes to live I think. A guy from my very very distant past appeared in FB after apparently looking for us. He's actually my sister's contact, and since sis does not have FB, he found me. Goodness he looks so different, very mature and all and of course kinda scary. No more the cute good looking guy he was and hes still asking about sis. She has that effect naturally.

I think forgetting some one or something is easier said than done. I have met several men in my life before that I have forgotten their names now, but will still recognise if I bump into them ( touch wood none so far!).
And all these hype about moving on from the past and to look forward for the future will only help those who really want to forget and move on. Those who were emotionally traumatised are out from this. They don't move on, they bury their feelings and thoughts deep down in the sub conscious level. At times, they do become very successful. They have new lives, new relationships, new roles and challenges and all. The complete package. But at some level, maybe when they are about to sleep and all and when they are all alone, they give themselves permission to look into their past. Sometimes, the past comes back to them and they are forced to open up to it and face the inevitable choices that lays before them.

The past is often a good teacher. Sometime it teaches you the lesson you want to avoid it in the present and future. That's why its good to change our current thought process to something positive so that the present will become a past that's pleasant, not painful. But no matter how high the level of positivity in an individual is -  shit happens. And when it happens, be ready to face it. Running away from it will not help anything or anyone. The best thing it does is to strengthen the soul within the individual and help to make better choices in the future. I think.

But no matter what we hope and desire, what has to happen, will happen. A change needs to occur in everyone. Because we are so embedded in our comfort zone, we forget who we are, we forget the purpose in our life. We are so involved in the day to day affairs , that we often overlook the bigger picture. Change is good because -  satisfied needs, do not motivate. Only unsatisfied needs promotes motivation in anyone.

Well that's enough philosophy in one morning. Mum just called in to say that shes sick. So I cannot go to work today. I really hope she can take care of Raihaan cos, I have the seminar to attend from tomorrow onwards.

Got to go ciao.

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