Strange dreams

Been having strange dreams this past one week. They are not funny, or weird or time warped or anything like that. Its just strange. Different strange dreams every single night. I am supposed to write the dreams down as soon as I remember, but I just do not want to remember them at all.

There are so many. I remember receiving a beautiful Tiffany box, its from an event, everyone got it. There was a beautiful blue stoned ring and it looked beautiful on my fingers. Then the second day, I dreamt of being swept away from my feet by a lawyer..a good looking one. He actually carried me and ran up the stairs of a very tall building ( not sure why he didn't take the lift). I have no idea what building it was, but it oversaw the Esplanade and the famous Singapore skyline. And as we reached the last two levels, I was in awe. The place was obviously so rich and made for the VVIPs. I remember a helipad and water all around...dun ask me how, but it was so so beautiful. The people there were so posh and rich and even the clothes looked excuisite. The lawyer was loaded and all and it seems that I was with him.

The 3rd day had me dreaming about going to shopping with my mum, but then again something happened, still cannot remember what.

The 4th day of my dreams, I remember looking out of my bedroom window and I can see the laundry of my ex boyfriend's house. And I was sad and desolate looking at his clothes.

The 5th day - thats last night, I am not sure if I dreamt it or I was living it. I felt as if I was being in a turntable. The ground was moving in circles and I was so scared. Imagine sitting in a chair that moves. Imagine how it will feel like when you are being moved in circles over and over again. I felt pushed out from my bed! I had to close my eye real tight and focus on being still. Everytime I open my eyes, I felt the earth moving. That happened even when I was awake today.

And to my surprise I slept in the afternoon! The boys were out to check out the MINDEF open house at Paya Lebar Air Space. I think they left the house at about 10 plus in the morning, but I dozed off at about 11plus and work up when it was about to be 3pm. And yes I had the usual headache and vomitting sensation whenever I sleep in the afternoon.

Don't know whats up with me.

Sales at eBay is slow, but moving. Sold only 2 item this past 4 weeks. Hope to see all my books sold. Have to admit that I am addicted to eBay. I am just looking at all the items in its various categories to see if there are any items that are affordable. Bought 3 items and sold only 2. Hmmm. Something wrong in there isn't it?

Well anyway, here I go being sick in my tummy again. I need to prepare something healthy for Raihaan for his dinner, clean up the guest room a bit ( the tenants are shifting their stuffs here today) and check out my office work and prepare for training tomorrow.

No philosophy today, but I plan to note down my strange dreams and work on the meaning of it.


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